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Urethritis - inflamed rash within tip of urethra

I’m super stressed & depressed any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had oral & unprotected vaginal intercourse with girl that tested negative for all commonly tested for STDs 2.5 months ago -- claims she has never had STDs, etc, etc. 2 days after I had a VERY sore throat. I was diagnosed with oral strep C and was given antibiotics.

I now have pain at the tip of my uthera/penis. The head of the penis looks okay but if I spread the uthera opening I see a small cluster of reddish cells. The utheral tube doesn’t look inflamed (normally fleshy color). I’ve tested negative for all commonly tested for STDs including mycoplasma and trich (though perhaps trich/myco are false negatives). I was tested for chlamydia and gon 5x times and the girl tested twice. I also tested negative for hsv2 at week 8 -- the girl tested negative too.

There is no discharge from penis that I can observe. Urinating doesn’t seem to increase pain immediately but if I go 5-6 hours without urinating it might be reduced.

Image is below, the photo is a little washed out. The reddish part is on the left side and is more red than the image (couldn’t get a good photo)

Image Mirror 1: https://imgur.com/a/wKLSpzC
Image Mirror 2: https://ibb.co/khPkWd

Detailed Timeline (post exposure):
* Weeks 1-6: various antibiotics to fix strep--azithromycin for 5 days, cephalexin for 10 days, clindamycin for 10 days
* Week 6: normal masturbation - first ejaculation in six weeks. Felt VERY painful afterwards.
* Week 8: started doxycycline, 3 days later penis pain gone. I was masturbating throughout taking doxycycline and was no abnormal pain, other than second last day it was VERY rough, pain hurt immediately and persisted for a few days then cleared up.
Week 11: Protected sex with condoms twice -- penis pain is back :-(
Week 12: started cipro -- now three days and still painful penis. 6 days after last having sex w/ the condom

1.) Thoughts on whether this could be bacterial? Between strep antibiotics and for this I’ve been on azithromycin for 5 days, cephalexin for 10 days, clindamycin for 10 days, doxy for 7 days, just started cipro for 10 days. I’ve been on so many antibiotics and if it was bacterial wouldn’t the the utheral tube also be red and the other side of the opening ?
2.) Thoughts on whether the redness is HPV?
3.) Any suggestions on what it could be or what what tests I should run? I went to one urologist and he was useless, I’ve booked a second appointment on july 12nd.
4.) Thoughts on whether this is just damage/irritation from masturbation on week 8? The initial pain is unlikely to have been masturbation. I’ve masturbated for a long long time and i haven’t had anything like this though.
5.) Any suggestions to reduce the pain?
6.) Thoughts on whether the source of the pain is actual the reddish patch? (it's a very small relative to size of penis head; note that is redder than photo shows). My testicles feel normal and have no pain when touched.
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Hi what your describing is not a symptom of any std. Symptoms would be a white puss penis discharge, burning while urinating or genital blisters that all would appear about 2 weeks post .exposure.
I would suggest to stop opening up your urethra looking for things as maybe causing the irrtation your describing.
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