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Urethritis and other pain possibly from unprotected Oral


I'm going to provide some background to my story. Back in April, I received unprotected oral sex at a massage parlor. about a week later I got a painless faint rash of small bumps. the bumps turned to dry skin and then disappeared about a week later. I got tested for HSV-1, HSV2, HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia , Mico/Urea plasma and UTI. All tests came back negative.
The urethral swab caused a lot of pain which I believe subsided.
About two weeks after the incident, i began to have increased urgency to urinate, also pain in my urethra and a tingling sensation in my groin area. I went back to the doctor and took another test and received a dose of antibiotics for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea but not after already having sex with my partner. That test came back inconclusive (whatever that means). Three weeks later (like May 20th)  I got tested again and the test came back negative (I did receive antibiotics but also had sex with my partner again)
Pain comes and goes periodically. Also I have had pain in my Anus (not sure if thats related).

I went to a urologist who did a urinalysis which looked clean .Doctor said there were no signs of an infection in my urine. He suggested I wait it out a little longer before taking more tests.

It's now almost august, three months since the unprotected oral sex. the pain still bothers me every day and i don't know what other tests I should take or what I should do to fix the problem. What other infections could be related here and can I do to resolve my pain.

Thank You,
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This sounds more like prostatitis than urethritis. Have they manually checked your prostate?

Your gonorrhea and chlamydia testing was done at the proper time. There was no reason to treat you for them after testing negative at the appropriate time.  All your other testing you had done was wasting your money since this was an oral sex encounter.

What is normal bacteria in the mouth, isn't always so normal in the urogenital tract. Sometimes it causes prostate infections that can take awhile to get rid of.  Meanwhile be sure to avoid spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol which can make symptoms worse and drink plenty of fluids to keep your system flushed.

I wouldn't be worried that you contracted anything that you could pass on to your regular partner. Best in the future to always have protected sexual contact with other partners to protect yourself and save yourself this kind of worrying.
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Hi Thanks for your response. I'm glad to hear you don't think its a big concern. But the pain is still a disruption physically and mentally and i need to do something to understand what it is. How can i confirm this is is prostatitus? and what would the treatment be if you are correct?

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Also, they did manually check my prostate but concluded that it was probably hemorrhoids but wasn't so sure. The doctor gave me a hydro cortisone suppository which did help a little but not for very long.
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wait a month and if it's still going on, return to the urologist again for follow up.

Keep using suppositories for your hemorrhoids and make sure your stool is soft and you are going every day or two.
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