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Urinary frequency only symptom of STD male?

I'll try to rephrase my last question... About 3.5 months ago I received unprotected oral from a FSW (stripper) ... It was brief but it occurred...

I have been fairly obsessive over my parts since then and about 2 weeks ago (3 months after the incident) I began to feel the urge to urinate very frequently...

Could this be an STD? I have no pain when urinating and no discharge (and haven't).

Admittedly if I distract myself often I do not notice the urge but it always comes back (though usually after I start thinking about it)

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Hi no that would not be a symptom of any std that may have occure from the 3 months affair.
Thank you Dave - to confirm -  so with no consistent pain with urination and no discharge this is probably not an STD...  Do you also feel that the fact that it took 3 months for this "symptom" to develop would be on the outside for any STD?

Appreciate your counsel.
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Correct probably not. and even with outside symptoms like blisters, they would appear about a week or 2 later not 3 months.
Sorry Dave, what I mean by outside is on  the very outside range for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea symptoms to manifest - that they generally, in men, show symptoms much sooner and those symptoms to not manifest as only an increased urge to urinate.  Thank you again for your time and council!
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You can rule chlamydia from the oral sex as its not tramsmitted that way only gono and even with gono if no puss penis discharge and burning while urinating appearing about 7 days after exposure, you can pretty much rule that out as well. In my experince with gono, men will show symptoms as is a nasty bug to contract.
Just to follow for the community... anxiety is a bad thing... tests are negative and symptoms are gone... thank you Dave or your time... lesson learned... protection always...
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