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Urinary symptoms for 2+ months

I had a sexual encounter of protected vaginal unprotected oral sex on May 27. Ever since then I've been having urinary problems. At first about 2 weeks after exposure i had a sharp pain on the outside head of my penis whenever something rubbed on it. Never any visual signs of bumps or blisters. After about 2 weeks that went away. At the same time i had discomfort in my testicles and my shaft was very sore on the left side when erect and more so when ejaculating. I went to the urologist out of fears for stds and my urine tests came neg for chla/gono. Dr also said he didn't not believe my symptoms to be a std but instead blue balls/prostatitis. He gave me some rapaflow for a week which didn't seem to help but the pain went away after about another 2 weeks. It was after that i started noticing i dribbled a lot after urination and leaked randomly up to a half hour after ejaculation. Fast forward 3 weeks to now i dribble and leak less but still a little bit and have general testicle discomfort right in the crease of my leg on both sides.  Also i noticed that while i don't have burning or pain while peeing normally if i push the pee i have a general pain towards the left tip of the penis head. Met with urologist yesterday and he didn't seemed concerned and just said use more rapaflow and time. This medication doesn't seem to work well and it's expensive so i rather not use it if it's not gonna help. Would prostatis symptoms last this long? Any thoughts?
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Hi there, I have experienced similar symptoms as you after my protected oral and anal encounter. Testicle pain/discomfort. Feeling of dribbling after I pee. Increase of pre *** after. And before ejaculation. Does this sound similar?
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Yes everything except for the increased precum before ejaculation. What was your diagnosis?
My doctor diagnosed me with epidi. I did not take the meds because I didn’t think he was right. anyway my symptoms are gone about a month ago I realize that it was all preaty much anxiety and muscles stress from anxiety. Focus on every sensation down there. It basically almost immediately stopped when I started paying attention to a few things. The pain never disrupted my sleep. When I felt pain and then my mind was really engaged on something else the pain disappeared. Once I started reading and realized how little risk there is from getting an std from a one time encounter things just went away. Stretching help me. In the end maybe I got some harmless bacteria or something that worked it self out or maybe it was just all in my head. But one thing I’ve learn is that anxiety from std is a real thing
Also it help me to read this https://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/High-risk-std-HIV-exposure/show/1652591

My risk could not have been worst than this poor guy
Thanks for the info. All in all how long did you suffer symptoms
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Thanks for the info. All in all, how long did your symptoms last?
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Little under two months
Also the precum increase I believe was due to the fact I was restrained from my regular masturbation habits.
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