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Urine smells very bad after protected sex with prostitute.

Hi Doctor,

Thank you for spending time to read this.
These 3 months, I've been engaging in protected sex with prostitutes (around 30 encounters).
I always wear condom during intercourse but I never wore any during blowjob.
I do french kiss with them but I never gave them oral sex.

Only in the last week after an encounter with a Thai lady, I realised my urine smells very very bad even until now. I don't sense anything unusual nor pain on my penis.
My semen and sperm smells normal, only my urine smells a bit fishy.

A few hours after the encounter with the prostitute, when I was about to bathe, I realized my penis tip has some dried up mucus (where you normally see when u dig your nose).
It baffled me because I did wear condom and it was intact after pulling out (although the room was rather dark but I was 70% sure it was not broken). Not sure where the mucus came from.

Should I do some STD and HIV testing?

Thank you very much for your help
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Just a note to start - no one here are doctors.

You can get some STDs from unprotected oral. You could get gonorrhea, NGU, syphilis and genital herpes type 1. Syphilis and herpes would result in sores, so that doesn't sound like what you have going on here. Gonorrhea could change the odor of your urine, as could NGU (which is an infection in your urethra). NGU can be caused by normal mouth bacteria entering your urethra during oral sex.

The dried mucous could be a discharge, or dried semen or something. If you've only seen it once, I wouldn't overly worry about that. It could be something from the oral sex that you missed before you put the condom on.

You should get seen by a doctor. This could also be a urinary tract infection, which is not an STD. In any case, a doctor who does some testing will be the only one who can diagnose you.

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Hi auntiejessie,

Thanks you very much for your advice! I'll see a doctor today.
Hope everything is fine.
Let us know what happens :)
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