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VDRL positive but TPHA negative

i had a test for VDRL and it was positive but TPHA was negative. i never had sex with any one in my life. my all other test for hepatitis, malaria , HIV are negative. so what is it ? i  mean why is VDRL positive?
what to do about it? is it something worrying or seriuos?
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You either had a false positive or you have had it since birth. Most likely a false positive, here are things that can cause a false positive:
lymphogranuloma venereum
mycoplasmal pneumonia
cat-scrath fever
periarteritis nodosa
acute viral and bacterial infections
hypersensitivity reactions
recent vaccinations
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i think that is a false positive just like on case that vdrl positive but int he confirmatory test is negative.
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i had VDRL and HIV  negative but TPHA +ve need accurate treatment to cure this disease pls let me knw ASAP. I need treatment in Ahmedabad-Gujarat(state)- INDIA.
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1. We don't give mendication advice
2. Start a thread dedicated to your question and it will be answered.
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