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Vagina is a little itchy, red and raw

I have had symptoms for over 2 months. Went to a doctor a month ago and nothing came of it. She said she saw nothing unusually. Pap smear and yeast tests came back normal. I have been in my relationship since 2000. No other partners; however no sexual anything for almost a year (marital hardship).
My vagina has been slightly itchy, no bumps or sores. It's been redder then usually but not alarming. It doesn't hurt. No other symptoms. I did do a vinegar soak yesterday and now today on my inner labia on both sides had really red (raw) looking areas. Someone help me understand what this could be considering I've had the same symptoms for over 2 months.
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Sounds very much like a fungal or bacterial issue. STDs/STIs will generally not cause these sorts of external issues.
I was tested for trich, candida and BV. All were negative a month ago with same symptoms.
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