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Vaginal Burning with no discharge or lesions?

Hey guys so,

Long story short;
Last week late Monday night I was intimate with a guy from my university (turns out later [he literally texted me] that he only wanted to use me as a hook up & had no plans to see me again, what a catch eh)
He performed oral sex on me with aggressive fingering for about 5 minutes and I performed oral sex on him for sometime.
By Wednesday though, I was experiencing vaginal burning, but there has been no discharge, bumps, lesions, etc.. it's been almost a week now and I am still burning on the outer area of my vagina. Friday night I went to shoppers and grabbed Canesten antifungal cream and have applied it once everyday since. This has helped somewhat the burning comes and goes with minor itching every now and then.
(TMI) When he went in I was really dry so I'm not too sure if this is the cause of why my vaginal area is extremely irritated.

I have also been experiencing sharp shooting pains on the right side of my abdomen today with discomfort in my upper buttock /lower back area...my period is due this week weds/thurs so this part may potentially be PMS.
Im going to the doctors tomorrow morning to see if there is something more/ try to get an oral prescription because I really don't trust him when he said even though he used me that he doesn't have any STD's.

I have never had a yeast infection or any problems with my genital area (still a virgin, this is my first time being "eaten out" and 3rd time being fingered) so i'm trying hard not to freakout... I'm trying not to self diagnose and really just wait until I have answers set in stone by a medical professional.

If anyone could offer up if they've had similar experiences please let me know I'd really appreciate it :) Thanks
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Really has no risk for a STD. Some STD's would be possible...HPV, herpes and syphilis but the risk is very very low. Not sure what could be going on but not related to a STD.
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I agree with Vance2335.
The chance of you catching an STD are low, though some abrasion could have happened if you were dry as you say, leading way for some damage.
Theoretically, yes, this could have resulted in some STD transmission as a resulting damage to the area, but as Vance stated, the risk was very very low.

If you are worried about STD's then you should probably get yourself checked out in that area to know for sure.

Until you do so... try applying extra virgin olive oil to the affected area (yes you can apply it on the inside).
It really helps with skin regeneration in general.
Same applies to aloe vera gel (the real stuff you squeeze out from the actual plant leafs).
Apply either twice per day and see if you get any improvement (it would be advised to avoid masturbation for say 16 to 24 hours so you do not irritate the area unnecessarily).
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Unfortunately I can't get to my home GP until next Tuesday for testing but when I do for my appointment I'll be sure to get a full screening.
I remember checking his mouth before he performed oral (even when we were making out I felt no sores) but I now speculate he may be an HSV1 carrier and not even have known it and potentially passed it on to me during the act.
The vaginal burning has decreased and now the raw feeling is concentrated in my inner & back thighs on and off.

I just have a few questions in regards to herpes,
1. Could someone experience prodome symptoms for as long as I have now (8 days) and still have no lesions to show ?

2. How long would I have to wait for HSV testing for a proper amount of antibodies to show in my blood work?
- I hear that early blood work for herpes is usually unreliable and that doctors tend to rely on testing swabs from open blisters for accuracy

You guys have great responses and really helped calm me down a bit, I hope that this really is something else other than an STD, this is a lot to handle right now, clearly I wasn't as sexually educate as I thought.
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I will definitely try out the oil remedy to help with that area. Thanks for the great tip.
I could only respond to one person per a post, so if you have any answers for the questions I mentioned to Vance above please let me know!
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Please post in the Herpes forum. Seperate forums because they have more info there.
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