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Vaginal cysts and HSV-1

I have had two recent occurrences of very painful vaginal cysts of which both had to be lanced in the doctor's office.  I had no fever or anything with either one although was out ill for an entire week due to the pain and recovery..  The GYN said the first time this shouldn't reoccur as it was an inflammed Skene's gland.  When it happened the second time about five months later, although smaller and in a different area of the same side of the vaginal wall, she wanted me to be tested for diabetes.  I went to my PCP and she ordered an A1C hemoglobin as well as Herpes as I did have a cold sore at the time of that visit. My PCP today gave me the results over the phone that I was not diabetic although my glucose level was high (I believe 5.9). She was more concerned that I tested positive with HSV-1 and negative with HSV-2. She started me on Valtrex 500 mg twice a day. She said the HSV-1 titer was 5 (and is sending me the actual results via mail). She feels that we don't know if it is oral or genital based on my previous vaginal cysts issues although she did treat me for either.  I called my GYN as I am scheduled for a vaginal biopsy next week.  I told the nurse the results and the doctor indicated that she didn't see that this was the same issue with the cyst and is still planning on doing the biopsy to rule out any cancer. Although perhaps none of this is related to the other, I am curious to know if women with HSV 1 or 2 ever have vaginal cysts that are painful and need lancing such as an infected Skene's gland or bartholin gland cyst?  Thanks!
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You had a cold sore at the time of your visit but yet your doctor isn't sure if your hsv1 is oral or genital???? am I the only one seeing the irony of that ?  geez.

Your hsv1 is oral - you've had active cold sores to know this. It's unlikely that you'd contract hsv1 genitally later on. Your oral hsv1 infection gives you significant protection agains that happening.  There's no real reason to start you on valtrex unless you wanted it to help either heal your cold sores faster when you have them ( episodic therapy ) or to help reduce the number of cold sores you are having if you are having them frequently ( suppressive therapy ).  

Genital cysts are fairly common. Some women are just prone to them.  No reason to suspect cancer just because you've had a few of them.  

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