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Vaginal cysts or hpv?

I have recently started dating my boyfriend and we both got blood work done which came out negative so we have decided to not use condoms since I have a nexplanon implant.  Last time we had intercourse was 3 weeks ago and I've noticed a small cyst looking bump by my outer labia.  I'm used to ingrown hairs so I popped it, however it didn't go away.  Today as I was checking in the mirror I've noticed another cyst looking bump by my inner labia which is terrifying me.  Both of them popped and a bit of liquid/pus  came out.  Should I be concerned?  They are not painful to squeeze but I'm really scared.  I'd appreciate if someone could answer me.  I don't have health insurance so a visit to thr doctor will be super expensive.
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Do you know what std's you were tested for? If you only had blood work, it might've only been hiv testing and maybe syphilis testing you had done. You also should be tested for herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and hepatitis.

You are able to pop these and get gunk out of them so odds are these are non-std related. Since it's reoccurred, I recommend being seen to see if you need antibiotics for a bacterial infection of the skin/hair follicles. You can go to a walk in clinic which is usually cheaper than a regular doctor office.

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