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Very Concerned Jakarta STD

2 weeks ago I had a sexual encounter with a woman I met at a bar in Jakarta. Had not been to the bar before but after reading forums I learned it is a popular hangout for freelance prostitutes. Honestly speaking i am a good looking white male and I was approach by this woman and began speaking, in English(which i hope is a good sign). I was very drunk and enjoyed the attention.

Regardless, i brought her home and started with unprotected oral and then protected sex. Halfway through through sex the condom broke, but i regrettable continued sex bare until ejaculation outside of her. I asked her if she had stds and she said no and asked if i had any whih positively don't . I did not pay for sex athough it was difficult to get her to leave because she wanted me to company her to another bar, it was already 4am.

It has been 17 days since exposure. One week after the exposure i developed painless small white head on penis shaft. Within the next three days I also developed a painless colliflour bump on underside of penis shaft. For 1 week the bumps have remained painless and small.

Needless to say i have had terrible anxiety. I have a doctors appointment in 24hrs in which i plan to have a slew of std tests in addition to hiv. The fear of hiv has been bothering me by far the most. I know 17 days is early for an hiv test but i need it for my sanity. How accurate will the test be? What type of test should i request? What do you think of my situation?

Thanks very  much. I am very fearful anxious regret my decision with all my heart. I urge anyone reading this  to spare themselves the situation i am going through and always practice safe sex.

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since you had unprotected sex, follow up on proper std testing at the proper times. we list that info in our read before posting post on the forum.

going to be seen is the best course of action. you'll get better answers since folks online are just guessing.

1 week post encounter is too early for a newly acquired hpv infection to show up. if they suspect warts as a cause, ask them to biopsy one and send it to the lab to confirm.

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