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Very Worried

Hi, I've slept with 7 escorts in the past 4 months. The last one I slept with could have had Aids/HIV or an STD. I also think she was a drug addict. The things that took place were very deep french kissing, I fingered her anus and vagina and had protected vaginal intercourse. My gums are very sensitive and bleed quite easily. What are the chances of STD or Aids/HIV. I've also heard hepatitus C can be passed on from frenck kissing.
Any help greatly appreciated
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Wel ur chances are that u have HIV and most probably have some kind of STD.
Its sick and irresponcible for u to even do this!!!! 7 escorts OMG!!!!
If it was once i could maybe undestand but 7 TIMES!!!!

Sorry man but u have to sort out ur life or u will be dead before u know it!
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Getting oral std's in general is very rare.  So, please do not let the previous poster get you that much more worked up than you are already.  Std's do not like the conditions in the mouth.  It is a hostile enviroment for them.  You were most at risk for hsv1.  And with no visible blisters, that wasn't likely.  I am not sure about HIV passing through the saliva with bleeding gums.  Please visit the HIV community for that information.  The link is above in blue.
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