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Very concerned and looking for advice/direction

Hi all,
I have been reading off and on here for a few years. But this will be my first post. I will attempt to keep it as short as possible, and to the point.

I am a 24 year old, white male. And approximately 10 days ago, I noticed in the shower a small pimple/zit on the upper-right part of my scrotum. Did not think much of it. And about 5 days ago, I noticed another similar pimple/zit on the lower part of my penis near the base. To give you a picture, these two areas where these pimples/zits are would rub right against each other when I am not erect so during every day activity where I am sitting, standing, etc. They looked like a standard zit, red not really coming to a head though. Around the time the initial zit/pimple surfaced, I started having moderate lower back pain. Was not too worried as I work in a very physically demanding profession every night.
As of last night, the pimple/zit on the scrotum started to turn into more of a rash and getting more spread out on my scrotum. When they were just initial single zits/pimples, they did not hurt, or itch. The pimple/zit on my penis looked like it was developing a small head with some white on the end. That has went away, and tonight it is starting to slightly spread on my penis into more of a rash. It feels wet or slick as if there is pus all over the area where the rash/pimple/zits are. The back pain is still moderate to some serious pain at times. I have been able to work out through it doing cardio, that helps loosen the back up. But I still have the pain.
As of tonight, the genital rash/pimple/zits are slightly itchy with minor pain if I touch them. I have some slight groin pain also, which I am not sure if it is related or due to me hitting the gym.
I have done nothing but read and research possibilities, and I am just sickened at what the research is leading me to what it most likely is: HSV or HPV.
Background on my sexual history. I have only had heterosexual sex with white females. I have had multiple sexual partners over the last 12 months. I have never, and I mean never had sex without using a condom for vaginal sex. I have received unprotected oral sex from multiple partners. I am very health conscious and always try to be as safe as possible, using condoms for vaginal sex. I have never given anal sex, or anything like that.
This has been a rough week or so, and especially this weekend. I am not the same person, I cannot stop thinking about that this could be HSV or HPV. It has changing me as a person already, and I am hoping and praying it is something else that is not permanent. The doctor could not see me Friday, and obviously he was not available this weekend. So I am trying to get in to see him tomorrow.
I just cannot believe this is a possibility, or happening as I always have used protection and been as safe as possible. Anyone that can give me some insight on personal dealings, or professional knowledge/opinion of what this possibly is, and where I should go from here would be greatly appreciated. I am a strong masculine male, but I can't describe in words how this has me feeling. It could affect me the rest of my life. But I am thinking the worst of course, as is probably natural with something like this. Please help me here, and I would appreciate insight, thoughts, and professional opinions.

Thank you, and apologies for the length of this post.
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You're doing the best thing and seeking advice from a doctor but this to me doesn't sound like HPV or HSV-2 this sounds like a basic case of jock itch caused by friction between the skin during your cardio at the gym. You've been looking online (bad idea) and putting none spacific symptoms together ie back pain and jumping to the wrong conclusions. Well done on always using protection for vaginal sex. Oral is very low risk for STDs especially HPV and HSV-2 so just try to calm down and see what the doctor says. If it is jock itch your doctor will advise which anti-fungal cream to apply and the issue should clear up in no time. Let us know what he/she says.
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Thank you for your advice and input.  I just sure hope you are right!
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Bump, if anyone else has any input or advice also, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Agree with above post
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My doctor could not see me again today, and did not have time to see me until next Monday.  So I saw another MD today within the same practice.

She did a full exam, took a bacterial culture of the area in the genitals as well as a viral culture in the area of the genitals.  She said this would show if it was bacterial, viral, and if so what it is including HSV and what type of HSV.  She also did a full blood work up including HIV, Syphilis, and all the HEP tests.  I am returning tomorrow morning for a urine sample that she is testing for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.  Towards the end she said, "The area in the genitals looks viral, which I am afraid could be herpes.  But we will have to wait and see."
So that was AWFUL to hear her say that.  The blood/urine tests will be back Wednesday, and the cultures back Friday.  This is just torture.  She gave me an anti-viral cream for the time-being.
I just can't believe it has come to this. I have been so safe with sex, always using condoms, etc.  Pretty much don't know what to say right now.  Could use some direction and advice.
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I still say this doesn't sound like herpes to me and the doctor shouldn't have said so until she got some accurate results as this could now be making you worry for nothing. If and I mean IF this is herpes then it really isn't the end if the world. If this is your first outbreak then it's very mild and with herpes the outbreaks only get milder as your immune system builds resistance to it and the outbreaks get fewer and far between. Like I said though this still doesn't sound like herpes as it also didn't to Vance2335 who is an expert in the field.
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The doctors office called with some of the test results today.  Here is an update on my situation:

HIV: negative
Syphilis: negative
Hepatitis panel: negative
Gonorrhea: negative
Chlamydia: negative
Bacterial culture: Positive for staph infection (They are putting me on an antibiotic, Bactrim, to get rid of the Staph
Viral/Herpes culture: Results not back yet
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glad you are getting answers as to what is going on :)

protect yourself in the future and make sure your oral sex is also protected!!

have you had your gardasil shots for hpv yet?

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Thanks a million for your response.  Yes, it is nice to have a few answers.  But am still waiting to hear back from the doctor about the viral/Herpes culture.  I am so worried about that, and praying it is nothing bad like that in the viral category.

I agree, and this has been a life-changing experience.  I am just hoping for a 2nd chance, and not having something that will be with me the rest of my life.

I do not believe that I have had the Gardasil vaccination against HPV.

What are your thoughts on my symptons with regards to it possibly being HSV/HPV?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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it could be herpes but it's doubtful.  staph skin infection was my first thought as I read your original post before replying last night even.

while all of this is on your mind, seek out the hpv vaccines too :)  
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Thanks for your input.  I still have not heard from the doctor regarding the viral/herpes culture swab.  Am praying and hoping it's just the staph infection.  Please...
Yes, I will look into the vaccine also.

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Goinginsane22 and I are pulling for you bud.
Try not to let it get to you, and let us know when you find out.

(Sending good vibes)
J in Boston.
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Thanks man, I really appreciate it.  Still no word from the doctor on the viral/Herpes culture swab.  I am praying for you two also.  I'll let you all know when I find out.  Praying...
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Results back today
HSV2 positive
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well at this point, probably no use in treating the herpes. it's getting close to being healed on its own.

do you have a regular partner currently?

have you ever had herpes igg blood testing done before?
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Yes it is healing well on its own.

I do not have a regular partner currently.

I never have had the herpes igg blood testing.  What do you recommend?
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well if you never had testing before, no easy way to see if this is a recently acquired infection or not for you.  hard to tell if you got the staph infection and it triggered your first obvious recurrence of hsv2 or if you were unlucky enough to get them both at the same time.

I recommend reading terri warren's free herpes handbook. just google it and it comes right up.  it'll give you a lot of the basic info about herpes you need to know to decide how to treat your hsv2 infection.
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Thank you for that information.  I appreciate the direction and help.  I'm sure we will be in touch.  Thanks.
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