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Very mildly leaking penis

So basically I had unprotected sex with a girl I hooked up with a month ago (dumb, I know) and all of a suddenly over the past few days my penis seems to be very very mildly leaking clear fluid. It doesn't do it all the time either. Seems to leak the most after I take a leak.

It's mild as in it's not coming out and making a mess in my underwear, I can just slightly feel a 'leak'. There's also a little bit of discomfort around the tip of the penis.

Is this a symptom of anything?
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Also, no burning sensations occur when I pee, no pain or anything
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If you feel something and don't actually see anything then it is probably nothing. But would not hurt to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia.
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Thanks for the reply Vance.

Just to clarify a bit more, it just feels like it's leaking, but it doesn't actually seem to really leak anything I've realized.
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