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Very worried


I´m very worried by a ¿risk situation?. Three weeks ago i was in a sex club where i kissed (french tongue kiss) with a sex woman worker.
Four days after i went to see the doctor and he said me that it´s very difficult to get a STD trought french kisses. He suggest me to do a pharyngeal exudate and serology to be more calm. The results were the follow:
- Pharyngeal exudate: Presence of Streptococus dygalactae, nothing ETS.
- Serology: Presence of Simple Herpes (VH1) virus, the doctor said me that it´s not important because the 80% of the people has this virus.
From two days i have a shore thoat and headache and i´m very worried because i´m thinking at STD or HIV.
Have i get more test or no?, Is my description a risk situation to STD?.
I´m very nervous because my girlfriend have a shore throat too, i haven´t any sexual relations with her from the described situation only i give her Kisses and one kiss with tonge.

Thanks for your help.
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Kissing is not a STD risk.
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