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WB and Lymph Node

So in June 1 had a low risk sexual contact developed a sore throat and just felt bad in general a week later and also had pain with urination . Developed a swollen labia but it went down also in July 12 developed a left swollen groin node.

I took the western blot at 13 weeks and it came back Negative for Hsv 1 and 2.

The groin node is what is still haunting me.

Have you had people with a swollen groin lymph node NOT have herpes.

Have you had someone have Mycoplasma Genitalium or any other bacteria or std develop a swollen groin lymph node.

My groin lymph node developed 30+ days after exposure. Although the bean shape is gone I still have a bulge in my left groin area. I also didn’t develop any open sores or lesions that I could see. I am female. What if I am the 8% who doesn’t test positive by the blot ?
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Who told you that you had the swollen node? Has a doctor examined that? You really should let a doctor make that determination. Loads of things can cause swollen glands, including stress. It might not even be a gland you're feeling, but something else, so definitely get it checked out.

The WB doesn't miss 8% of infections - the hsv2 IgG does. Is that the test you had? Can you get a copy of the results?

What was your low risk contact? Oral sex? Something else? That would help me answer your questions, and let you know what infections you might be at risk for.

Have you had any other testing done, like chlamydia or gonorrhea? I can't say if you were at risk for those without knowing what your encounter was, but if you are concerned about mycoplasma, you'd probably be at risk for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

So can you tell me what your exact test for herpes was, and what your encounter was, and what tests you've had done? That would be really helpful. :)
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It was fingering and yea it was a swollen lymph node confirmed by a gynecologist but no lesions or sores and I’ve had a million IGG test for hsv 1 and two and they were all negative I took the WB at 12 weeks as advised by Terri Warren and that was negative for 1 and 2

Chlamidiya and gonnoreah rest were also negative
And by negative I mean <.90 on the IGG test
If fingering was the only risk you've ever had for STDs, you had no risk. Fingering doesn't transmit STDs.

Terri told you this almost a year ago  - https://westoverheights.com/forum/question/fingering-by-boyfriend/ Is there some reason you are unable to believe this?

All of your tests have proven this. You have no STDs.

If you are having a hard time letting go of this, and anxiety is normal for you, please consider getting help for this. I say that with compassion, not criticism.

You have no STDs, and never had any risk. Work with your doctor to determine the cause of the swollen node, but it's not an STD.

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