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I recently went to the GYN and found out that i have HPV and genital warts. The GYN told me that the warts are almost all cleared up. I recently also noticed that i have bumps all the way on the back of my tongue there is alot of them and they are slightly raised and are kind of big. I have had no pain and they are not red at all.They are the same color as the rest of my tongue.I have been researching online and im not sure what it is. My friends think it is just my tastebuds. Im more skeptical than that especially after finding out i have genital warts. Im nervous and worried is this anything or nothing at all ? All the help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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It could be apthous ulcers, geographic tongue or taste buds.  Oral warts are very rare, and usually only happen in immunocompromised people, such as those with AIDS.

Have your doctor or dentist look at them.

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