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I had unprotected sex 1/1.  I have HSV 2 which I know increases my likelihood of getting HIV.  I used the home oraquick test at 6 wks; 12 wks;15 wks and 20 wks all negative.  I had flu like symptoms 2 wks after the occurrence.  Starting on 3/4 I had a sore throat & was diagnosed with STREP & given antibiotics.  That sore throat is still very severe & is no longer STREP.  I've taken 3 rounds of antibiotics and there is no change.  I then (STUPIDLY) had unprotected sex on 5/19 and woke up the next day with red dots on the roof of my mouth; Now on 5/22 I feel like I have the flu-burning eyes; dizzy; diarrhea; lack of appetite & STILL have a severe sore throat.  I haven't (to my knowledge) ever had an outbreak of HSV2.  Could it be that or could I really have HIV? Could it be another STD?  I am never having ANY alcohol again which leads to STUPID sex again.  The thought of ruining anyone's life with this is unbearable! I took a blood test today but will not get results till next Wed.  Desperately seeking input.
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Symptoms have nothing to do with a STD.

HIV questions post in the HIV forum.
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by Terri Warren, RN, Adult Nurse Practitioner, 10 hours
If you were negative on the Oraquick test at 20 weeks, you are really good to go!  The newest generation Oraquick tests pick up most infections within one month of the risky encounter.  How were you diagnosed with strep? An actual strep test?  And you've taken three different antibiotics?  My thinking is that you have a viral episode and certainly NOT HIV infection.  Your symptoms are not classically HIV at all.  

How were you diagnosed with HSV 2 infection if you've never had an outbreak?  If an antibody test, can you give me more information about that please?

Stop worrying about HIV, that's not what's going on here, I don't' believe.

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by Ima_stupid, 10 hours
Thank you so much for your reply...and for a little peace of mind. I appreciate it.

I have wondered if the antibiotics were doing more harm than good.  The diarrhea has lessened a little bit and may be partially nerves ,  I was tested at the parenthood center in New York City where I get my birth control pills a few years ago.  I'm not what type it was.  I had just gone in fand thought it wouldn't hurt to get tested for everything.  I've never had symptoms though, nor has my live in boyfriend of 8 years.  He has never been tested.  I went to my I OBGYN for my annual exam & always do full blood tests and everything is negative but not sure what all is tested?  I guess my symptoms could be related to HSV?  I went to my OBGYN for the tests & he said that he doesn't see any signs of an outbreak now except that I'm itching head to toe.  Maybe allergies?  I'm just scared and confused now.  I was just concerned that the oraquick tests percentages indicate 92% and what if I'm the 8%?!  Thank you very much for your replies and the time you take to help others.
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