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Weird sensation after urinating

Since August 27th I’ve experienced burning/weird sensation after urinating. I had protected sex but unprotected oral and the same day to the following day I felt burning and need to frequently urinate. I took AZO Strip test to see if I have a UTI but the strip for (leukocytes) showed faint purple so I assumed it wasn’t a UTI. I already have HSV2 but now I’m starting to question if it’s something much sinister or STD.
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On the AZO test, isn't faint purple a positive for leukocytes? That means you have some white blood cells in your urine.

This could indicate a UTI, NGU (an infection in your urethra that isn't gonorrhea), or an STD like chlamydia.

You can get NGU from oral sex, from normal mouth bacteria entering the urethra, or from things like strep or adenovirus (causes bronchitis and the like). Developing symptoms the next day is really fast, but you really need to see your doctor for testing. It's been almost 2 months. Don't let whatever this is go on any longer. Untreated infections, even UTIs, can spread and cause a LOT of problems.

Let us know what happens, and feel better!
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Thank you!!!
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