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What Can Cause Prostatitis?

I am a 27 year old circumcised white male and am looking to get some insight into outstanding symptoms.  In July of 2008 I had protected (condom) sex with a woman I didn’t know, after sex I cleaned my genitals with soap and water.  A week after the encounter I went to see my general practitioner to test for any STDs and all tests came back negative.  I didn’t think much about this until I started getting some discomfort/irritation on the head of my penis roughly 2-4 weeks later, on the left side of the head of my penis I could see slight discoloration.  I didn’t go see the doctor again until 1-3 later when I had a fever, pain in the penis and slight burning when urinating.  I went to the doctor the next day (Saturday), I had him take a look at the discoloration on my penis, let him know all the symptoms and told him about this encounter.  I believe he asked about any discharges, and I don’t think I had any.  I have always had issues with a ‘leaky faucet’ but would this cover up any discharges?  He tested for UTI, Clymidia and Gohnarria and all came back negative but he did find blood in my urine. He prescribed one dose of Z-Pack and a Sulfa antibiotic for 15 days.  I had a really bad reaction to the Sulfa and switched to Cipro. At this point he sent me to an Urologist.  Also around this time I went to a clinic to get checked again for STDs, this was roughly 2 months and 20 days from the encounter; all but the HSV-1 (Cold sores?) came back negative.  Somewhere in this time period I noticed an ever so slight white patch in the middle of the discoloration. I went to the Urologist and some of the questions he asked were:  Did I urinate a lot? I have had an issue with needing to urinate a lot roughly for 2 years; this was around the time that I started a stressful/high pressure job. Did I urinate a lot during the night?  I urinated some during the night. Did I feel any discomfort when sitting?  I responded with a slight feeling like I was sitting on a ball.  With this response I believe he said ‘classic symptom of Prostatitis’.  Next he wanted to scope my Prostate, so we did this and he responded with ‘it is as red as it can be’, and took a look at the discoloration/white patches on my penis and he responded with ‘nothing to be concerned with’.  After completing this he did a rectal check of the Prostate and it was very painful when he pushed on the prostate.  He seemed certain that I had Prostatitis and prescribed month of Cipro.  I took the cipro and everything pretty much was better.  The discoloration/white patch seemed to fade and come back periodically.  I completed the month of antibiotics and went to see the doctor four or five after my last dose. We talked about get a MIR on my Kidneys because my last visit they seen blood in my urine.  I gave another sample of urine on my second visit and there was no blood but he wanted to do a FISH test.  At this point a lot of the symptoms seemed to come back (four or five days after my last dose of cipro), discomfort in prostate area and lower back pain.  The FISH test came back good; after the second visit he prescribed anther month of Cirpo and the only symptoms now are the discoloration/white patch and an ever so slight lower back ache periodically and urinating in the early mornings (3 or 4 am).  Roughly four months after the encounter I had another STD test and same outcome as the last.

Currently I am nearing the end of my second month of Cipro and am concerned with going off before I see the Urologist again.  I am thinking I should see a second Urologist because my current doctor seems set on his first diagnosis.  I believe I have Prostatitis but my concern is how did I get it?  Can HPV or a Yeast Infection cause these symptoms? What could have caused this, I believe there is a correlation between the encounter and my current health issues.  Is there a test for HPV? Should I use the Lotrimin AF on the discoloration on my penis or should I see a dermatologist and have them take a look.  I am concerned that my doctor may be looking at all these things separately.
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Well, I can see why he is.  It sounds as if you have 2 separate things happening - perhaps a fungal infection, and prostatitis.  Your doctor did all the appropriate testing for prostatitis, and all came back with positive results for prostatitis.

Here is a good link for that - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronic_prostatitis/chronic_pelvic_pain_syndrome

The antibiotics could be contributing to a fungal infection, but talk to your doctor about this again before using any creams.  

And yes, hsv1 is cold sores.

You might want to post in the urology forum for more info on this.

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I'm receiving depo testosterone injections from my uro, once per month.  I'm also taking .05 mg of Avodart daily for BPH.  Why does it feel like my prostatic urethra is on fire occasionally when I urinate?  Why do I have left testicular pain?  This discomfort has been incessant for two consecutive years.  I trust my uro implicitly.  He says I have BPH.  Please advise.
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you want to post on the men's health forum - not std :)
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