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What STD do I have with genital and anus area rash?

On a very, very drunk and sad night after a carnival (lost my big brother a few months before) I decided to try escorts (2 girls) wanting to feel happy again. I fear I might have ruined my whole life, as I am only 17.
We had sex with condom but I think I remember she spat on my penis when putting on the condom. At one time one of the girls was breathing very heavily into my ear too. We did not kiss. I also fingered one of the escorts. I think they were from easteren europe or the middle east.

Now I have a itchy or rash like condition on my skin around the genital and anus area. It can be VERY itchy at times and not itchy at other times. It is also itchy directly on my penis. Sometimes it feels like it spreads a little down on my inner leg too, but I don't know. There are no blisters or red bumps or anything to see at all.

I also fear I feel a bit more tired and sore in my whole body - joints and muscles. I hope that is not related to an STD.

I just want to have a normal life, be happy, find a partner and have kids eventually. Now it seems that isnt possible for me. I have been beating my self up for trying escorts every single day since I did it. I feel unworthy of a woman / partner and have avoided all contact and dating..

Please help me identify my condition or STD.
It would mean the world to me, I can't express my gratitude with words if you can help me!

Regards from Denmark
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Actually there are red spots/areas in my genital area. But not blisters. They are itchy and get more red if I itch it.
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So first, there is no risk at all from breathing in your ear, fingering, or spitting on your penis. None of those transmits STDs.

How long ago did this happen? How long after it happened did you start itching? How long aftr did you see the red spots/areas?

The itching could be a fungal infection or anxiety. Skin gets more red the more you scratch it. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

If there are no blisters, it's not herpes.

You used a condom. This means you weren't at risk for gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU, Hepatitis B, and HIV.

There is a slight risk for syphilis, herpes and HPV, but those don't give you symptoms like that.

You could have a fungal infection like yeast if one of the women had a yeast infection.

Your life is not ruined.

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