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What are STD throat symptoms?

On Monday I performed unprotected oral sex to completion on a buddy of mine who I've played with a few times before without incident. By Wednesday, and ongoing today, Thursday, I've had a sensation in my throat, but so mild that I might actually be imagining it.  It might be my throat attempting to get sore, it might be nothing at this point, or it might be the very beginnings of the yearly allergy season... I've also noticed some mucus production that's causing me to have to blow my nose.

I guess the question is, what are STD symptoms of the throat, how soon do they set up, and would they have you blowing your nose?
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Most of the time, infections in the throat don't cause symptoms, but the most common is a sore throat, and can take a week or so to develop. Two days would be pretty early. It could be allergies, but if it worsens or lingers, see your doctor.
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Would an std of the throat cause nasal symptoms?
No. Symptoms would be isolated to the throat.
For reference, if the most common symptom of a throat STD is a sore throat, what are other symptoms than can develop less commonly?

As for myself, I think what's going on might be allergies.  A couple of fever blisters, a problem I've had since I was a kid, have come up on the back of my tongue, right where they're always the most painful. That explains the throat sensation, and the soreness now, since they flex and hurt every time I swallow. That leaves me with a cough and a lot of snotting, which, if I understand you correctly, would not be symptoms of any throat STD infection.
Yes, that's correct.

Try your normal allergy treatment, and see if that helps your symptoms. If not, see your doctor.
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