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What are anal STD symptoms?

I've read that gonorrhea and chlamydia can both set up in the anus and can both cause pain and bleeding. How much pain and bleeding though?

I've been having pain and bleeding when I defecate for about two weeks now.  The pain was very severe at first but has lessened some, but the bleeding continues and happens every time I use the bathroom.  If I insert my finger, I can feel a knot a ways up inside, so I suspect this could be a hemorrhoid, but I did recently go on vacation and have unprotected anal sex, and this pain and bleeding showed up about two weeks later.

So. If an std is going to cause pain and bleeding, how much and for how long, and would it cause that knot I can feel up inside?  

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Hi what your describing is almost certainly a hemmorid. gono and clyamdia most often just cause a puss dicsharge with nio bleeding.
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