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What are my chances for STDs?

I had sex last wednesday (19th August) with CSW at a massage parlour.
She gave me a bit of massage then went on to wear me a condom and gave me a blowjob. I think she was careful enough to not touch the skin out of condom with her lips. Then we had protected sex with the same condom. I was drunk so didn't check very thoroughly but condom seemed to be in good shape after sex.

Also, I am really hairy and bushy down there (haven't shaved in a long time).

It's already 10 days and I haven't had any symptoms except diarrhea and some bowel issues (which I believe are more related to my anxiety then anything else).

Am I already home free? Or should I still be bothered and concerned?

I am especially concerned about herpes and genital warts. I have a feeling that my pubic hair along with condom gave me a good protection against them, no? What do you think?
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But can diarrhea be a symptom of herpes? I am feeling pressure on my abdomen and i can feel pain moving between left and right testicle.
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having protected sex effectively reduces your chance of catching stds. I dont think the symptoms you have, matched the symptoms of Herpes and Warts. I do think you are just over-stressing yourself.
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If you are active sexually. It would be prudent to have a std panel test every 3-6 months irregardless of risk. Its betterto safe than sorry. Im not saying you are infected based on this incident. But just as a precaution. Take care!
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this just happened to me today and i didn't know where else to go here so anybody plz help.

i'm sorry but I just signed up, and don't really know about the site yet. but I am going to just ask my question.
for the first time ever ( which is why I don't know ) i tried crack for the first time and used somebody elses pipe by mistake. these people all seemed like they all must have something. is there anything i need to worry about ? i have a 3 yr old  and after this situation i will NEVER do something so stupid ! plz help!
forgive me for not listening n freaking out. i know i should worry but I mean what can i get from using a strangers pipe ?
i also know it's very stupid
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I am not really sexually active. This was one of the drunk mistakes which I thoroughly regret. Since last couple of days I am feeling certain pain in my right testicle that comes and goes and sometimes pinches.
I also feel pressure in my lower abdomen. I have been extremely anxious since last 10 days and I am not sure if what I am feeling is because of anxiety or std. I dont have much of appetite which is because of guilt and anxiety I am sure and my bowel system is affected because of it I am kind of sure but is that what's causing the pain in testicle?
I dont have any swelling on testing and when I touch it seems normal. So its not external but internal. Like a pressure on nerves or something.
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No real STD risk.
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