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What can cause these symptoms

I'm a male in my twenties and about 8 months ago has protected sex with a female of unknown status, the condom broke and I didn't notice till one or two minutes after. Anyways, I had typical genitally focused anxiety symptoms ( random pains in my penis  that come and go ) my anxiety is down and I rarely get any kind of pain anymore . However the head of my penis just doesn't seem the same, maybe it's from being my conscious of its appearance now but it seems red, and on two occasions there was a bright red patch that went away in about an hour each time. I am circumsized so I doubt it's a yeast infection. After masturbation it gets extremely blotchy ( red patches ) I've also been getting thigh pain that comes and goes( only lasting a few seconds at a time ) and for the past 2 days I've had muscle twitching in my inner thigh to the right of my testicules. The penis head does not hurt of itch, just seems reddish and blotchy red after masturbation. Does any of this sound like any std
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sounds more like irritation than anything.

do you use a good sex lube for masturbation? you have to be kind to the lil guy :)

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What about the leg pain and twitching. And my Johnson's head has been like this for months : s
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Not STD related. If concerned see a Dr.
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