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What could it be? Symptoms after protected oral and intercourse

Hi I am 37 yr old male sexually active  have had a few encounters with Csw all protected Intercourse and oral , I got tested for hiv in September this year and had vdrl both negative , but I continue to have smelly penis and lot of precum under foreskin and a itchy sensation sometimes ( very mild ) when I examine the penis there is nothing noticeable than small white bumps at the bottom which I have been having for a long time and a small cut like lesion ( 1-2mm ) on the side of the penis I also sometimes get a pimple on the side of the penis like a heat boil and goes off ( is this anything to with any std or STI ) I suffer from elevated Uric acid levels and also have a lot wet dream nights
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Has a doctor seen this? I know you've gotten tested for HIV and syphilis, but has a doctor actually seen it?

This sounds like balanitis. https://www.webmd.com/men/penis-disorder-balanitis It's not an STD.

Before trying to treat it yourself, you need to see a doctor and make sure that's what it is. Sometimes a bacteria causes it, so you may need an antibiotic.

Try to keep the area clean and dry, but definitely see a doctor soon. Let us know what happens.
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Incidentally just consulted a doctor and sent him the pics he has told it’s something called bacterial Balanitis and prescribed a cream called candid b which is basically saying clotrimazole plus beclomethasone
Good, I'm glad you got some treatment. Follow the instructions and don't stop using it if it seems like it's clearing up. It could easily come back if you stop too soon.

Good luck!
Just an update that it’s has been great since I started using the cream and it’s so clean now and no smell irritation  etc
Awesome! Glad to hear it. :)

You can't always prevent balanitis, but here's some info on caring for your penis that may help in the future - https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/sexual-health/how-to-keep-a-penis-clean/

You can also overclean, which leads to problems, and using soap (instead of a cleanser) can be problematic - https://www.mshc.org.au/SexualHealthInformation/SexualHealthFactSheets/BALANITIS/tabid/134/Default.aspx#.XaSbvCVRd0s

Take care!
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