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What could this be?

Please help as I need to get my symptoms figured out.  I have been seeing a lady for the last year about once a month.  When I first started seeing her she assured me she had no STDs but did state that she has HSV-1.  She even showed me her most recent STD test from when we first met.  She did mention at one time that she had some type of bacterial infection and I just assumed it was BV.  My symptoms are as follows: testicle pain, jelly like clumps in my semen, lower back pain, pain in my left elbow, pelvic pain, abdominal pain and a general feeling of malaise.  I have not noticed any discharge but I have had minor irritation at my uretha opening.  I have taken two separate STD tests and both of them came back negative.  The first test I took too soon to detect HIV and Hepatitis.  It was a 10 panel test and everything was negative.  The second test I took I only tested for chlamydia gonorrhea and trichomoniasis and all three came back negative.  I made an appointment with my doctor and he suspected prostatitis.  I've tried Cipro dioxy and Bactrim.  I no longer have the testicle pain but my pelvic and lower back pain is a daily issue.  I am very concerned that I may have passed something onto my wife.  She also complains daily of back pain and this has never been an issue with her before.  We are both fairly physically fit.  I have also noticed a fishy odor with her during sex.  And it seems like my pain gets worse a couple days after having sex with my wife.  I feel terrible that I may have passed something onto her from my stupidity!  Do you feel that I require further testing such as mycoplasma genitaliam or ureaplasma?  I was not tested for either of them or do you recommend retesting for HIV and Hepatitis? Do my symptoms sound like it could be either of them?  Thanks in advance for your advice I really need to put an end to all this!

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Hi having upprotected vaginal sex would put your wife at risks for all std,s including hiv and hep and testing would be recommended for her protection. Including genital herpes.
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I appreciate the response but I am looking for more specifics to my question.  I understand the risks and I feel terrible about that.  As ! said I have been tested twice and everything has turned up negative. Given the symptoms I have I just want to know if there is something else I should be testing for?  And why the fishy odor my wife is having.  She has never had this before.
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Your symptoms sound like prostatitis/pelvic pain syndrome to me. You can get these without any sexual risk at all. Ask your doctor for a digital prostate exam to look for inflammation.

Your gf may have BV or a UTI (or both) that are totally unrelated. She needs to be seen as well.

Your symptoms are not indicative of HIV or hep.

I hope you both feel better!
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