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What do I possibly have? please help!!!!!!!

Dec.1 I had unprotected oral sex. The next day the tip of my penis started to burn and so did my pee, my balls also turned red and they were buring. On Dec.6 I went to the doctor for the burning and had him take a look at my penis, he saw no signs of genital herpes (that is what I am scared for) he then took a sample of my pee to test for bacteria and infection and Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. he then gave me two bottles of pills to fight infections and then gave me a shot, he also gave me pills for herpes. On Dec.9 i went back for my results everything was negative and I was told to not take the herpes pills unless sores/blisters form, so I stopped taking them. My burning got less painful and on Dec.22 I went to the doctor to get my penis checked again and still no sores, I thought my follicles were herpes, the doctor said those are your hair follicles. On Dec.29 I was finally tested for genital herpes and HIV, i went back on Jan.5,2015 and my results were negative for both. during this time my penis started burning again and as well as my pee. my legs have been burning for a couple days as well, so the doctor checked my thighs and said there were no sores. I am still experiencing burning in my penis and now I saw little red bumps on the tip of my penis, it doesn't hurt at all, I had my mom check it out (she is a medical assistant) and she said it look irritated and it doesnt look like herpes, i dont know if my OCD is making  me worry and over do things or my generalized anxiety is messing with my head. I have been so stressed this past month and have fallen into a severe depression and even thought about taking my life, I dont know what going on with my body. Please, I beg of you, help me. I am 21.
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