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What is going on down there? Please help

Ok, so I made a mistake.  I had unprotected sex with this girl several times, say 5 different days (almost one after the other) between 2 and 3 times per day, all of them unprotected.  About a week after the first encounter and a day after the last, I started feeling burning while I urinated.  Also, I noticed this pimple look-alike thing in my pubic area.  The tip was white-ish and felt like a small bump with a pimple on top.  I had it for about two/three weeks and disappeared by itself, leaving a purple spot.  I kept the burning while urinating for about two/three months and it kinda slowly started getting better.

I have had two STD full screen test, testing all 8 most common STDs;  One a week after noticing the symptoms and the other two and a half months after.  The tests came all back negative.  This girl I slept with,I know she's not the most decent/clean around, I hear stories that she sleeps around a lot (unfortunately I found out after having sex with her).

After all this, the burning has gotten better, but now my penis feels death, it is darker than usual, my urine is not clear anymore, it is very yellowish dark, with a strong smell.  Just recently I discovered this smell coming from my genital area, kind of fishy.  I am getting a lot of itching in my pubic region as well, it seems like a rash with several diminute red pimple like things.  My anus feels irritated, and my veins on my penis now look very purple and I can see way more than I remembered seeing.

Lastly, I have been noticing my penis is not full and hanging as it used to, it now feels compacted, wrinkled, smaller, and kind of hard when flacid, as if it had no life.

I am desperate, please any advise of what may be going on would be tremendously appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like this might be a yeast infection. Instead of just testing see a Dr and explain situation and symptoms and previous testing.
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Thanks Vance3445, do you recommend an urologist or which kind of Dr?  I hope it is just an infection and not something worse... thanks!
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Regular Dr, let him/her refer you if they think it is necessary.
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Update... I went to doctor and she said nothing was wrong (kind of uncomfortable seeing a woman doctor).  She did a quick inspection and said everything looked ok.  I took her my lab tests and said everything looked normal.  Anyway, I'm back home with the same problem and no answer to what i have.  

I feel my penis kind of warm and with a slight burning sensation all over the penis, inside, outside, etc, and then I feel like crample type of feeling on the side of my testes, and they hurt a little several times a day.  Everytime i wake up my eyes are blurry, and a lot of dry tears or mocus is present.  My tongue seems whitish aswell.  Also, yesterday i developed this rash in my hands, and i mean tenths of very small pimple like spots on my hands (red).

Anyone has any other advise, maybe they've suffered the same?

Is it a bacterial infection?  Yeast?  UTI?  STD?

Im scared, nobody can tell me what it is... been to 3 doctors and having no insurance hurts!

Should i take any medicine?

I would greatly appreciate any help
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We never recommend self medication. Try posting in men's health, maybe someone there has an idea. Maybe symptoms are anxiety driven?? But this has nothing to do with a STD because of tests.
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