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What is happening with my penis?

I have been in a new relationship for 6 months to this date…

In July-ish, she was diagnosed with Trich, we both were treated. Likely from past relationships. We have a lot of unprotected oral and vaginal sex then and still now.

Sometime in mid-September 2009, she started Yaz birth control in mid cycle, I know you aren’t supposed to do this, but she did. Then she soon, coincidentally or not, developed a nasty hack which she has to this day. Was diagnosed as some sort of bronchitis.

On October 4th, my girlfriend came down with a uti and a yeast infection. We attributed this to the mixture of the slew of antibiotics she was on for bronchitis and the pill.

Hers cleared up, but mind you, I had no symptoms at all prior to October 4th. On the 6th, I developed a red flaky dry rash on the base of my penis where it connects to my body. I went for all tests and everything was negative (HIV, HSV, Gonn, Chlym., Syphilis, hep…etc. She was tested as well and came back negative.

I treated my rash with a tinactin cream and it vanished.

As weeks went by, I don’t know if mental or not, I developed what seemed to be a slightly raised meatus, looked like a pair of lips…a burn/tingle/sting pain in my urethra. No discharge other than clear at times in morning which I attributed to being aroused throughout night which happens often.

I went to a urologist and he sampled my urine, all came back normal. Symptoms continued and went back for a swab. I’m assuming a swab test for all kinds of infection in the penis, I didn’t void for about 3 hours before. Again, he said that the results from the swab came back normal.

Now I manipulate my penis and open my urethra constantly, cause I feel like im discharging, but not. When I look in, I see wetness, but is that just basic mucous membrane lining? What could b causing the urethral discomfort? My main concern here is us. I’m pretty sure she is faithful. I am 110 percent faithful. Could this just be something normal? I read that not all NGU is from cheating or sexual stuff caught from another. But basically want to know what you think may be the culprit in the last six weeks of confustion.

Thank you.
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Not STD related.
Suggest try posting in Men's Health.
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