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What is it???? Please Help!!!

I have same thing as sooo many other young men!  I don't even feel the need to repost the exact same thing and am losing hope. I can not understand how there is no apparent cure for what I have. I ave read a lot of these posts to the point you would think there would be an answer by now. I have been tested for everything all result were negative. Have red bumps on penis when erect. They are not normal. Nor are they herpes, pearly papuls, fordye, moluscum, they are a bumpy irritated head of penis only when erect. When not erect it is extra dry and a bit wrinkly w pain after ejaculation and occasional discomfort in ut. I am uncircumcised and I keep myself very clean. I am 31 yrs old and have had various irritations and infections but nothing like this ever.
I began the morning after having unprotected sex with a female.(one night stand) I immediately felt something wrong and washed thoroughly in the shower the next morning. This did not really help. A week later I went to a std clinic and they did multiple tests and prescribed me Clotrimizole 1% cream which did not help. I then noticed what appeared to be two small warts in th top of shaft. I am not sure if this was an outbreak from this encounter of an earlier unprotected sex incident. I have had the arts removed but I have symptoms which sound like yeast or thrush. My question to you is- Having read my symptoms what does this sound like? Does high risk HPV and genital warts have a symptom of an irritated Glans penis when erect and pain after ejaculation pain after peeing (sometimes) an a warm feeling around the head of the penis? My dr said I tested negative for everything and it wasn't herpes because they would have probably gone away at least for a little while this has never gone away from the day I got it. It seems to always be there but is definitely more pronounced and painful when I have an erection. Please help me and if I find the answers and can cure myself I feel it will help so many others and potentially science itself! Thank you I a appreciate your time. This is ruining my life.... I think about it everyday and have started living with this extreme discomfort please please please help me!!!!!!
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the types of hpv that are considered high risk don't show any symptoms.  

are you continuing to follow up on your symptoms with a medical provider? it really sounds more like a fungal infection or even just dry skin/irritation than it does any std.

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Hi Grace, thank you for your response! I can not afford to keep going back to the dr and then paying for a different cream. Therefore I called a family friend that is a dr and told him what was going on. I then located a drug online from UK and am having it shipped now. It is a canesten duo which is 1 oral diflucan pill and a tube of Clotrimizole 2% cream. Thank you again for your response!! It seems that it is very difficult to get rid of yeast infections in men and women! I have researched the various things this could be almost every night for a couple months and this is absolutely exhausting. I feel it is not herpes
Because it came on the same night or next morning after the unprotected sex and has not gone away. It is not moluscum because the bumps don't have a central indention. I don't believe it is balanitis because I have treated w the steroid cream for 2 weeks. Is there any other way to test for what I have? Can the dr swab for yeast infection? I am going crazy and feel like there should be more information for how many people I am reading about having this. Also there is a low percentage of people in these forums that follow through if they are receiving treatment. I just have read a bunch of similar posts in multiple diff forums but have not read any success stories where the writer has been cured. I will report back after using the cream and taking the diflucan pill. How successful is that combination for men w a yeast infects fungal infection? Thanks again for your time!:)
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yes it is expensive to be seen multiple times and try multiple treatments but it's the best thing to do to get to the bottom of things!
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This is another post I have read and it sounds so similar to what I am experiencing. Please read and respond. I am not sure this man has found any answers either.... I am also not sure how anyone can be more specific an descriptive then this gentlemens post which reads as follows:

I have had two unprotected sexual encounters. Vaginal with one sex worker only 4 strokes before using a condom but full cuni lingus unprotected and unprotected oral sex falaceo with another female sex worker with the second sex worker I had full vaginal sex however always using a condom. I now have a bumpy glands penis. The Urethra is sore especially after ejaculation. I feel a pinching pain on the penis head which makes me want to urinate often.  When I'm erect the head of the penis is very bumpy and uneven although the skin looks normal. When slightly flaccid if I squeeze the shaft upward to inflate the head I can see lots of small red dots. On close examination they seem to be blood vessels which culminate in a mass of blood vessels causing the red dots. I also have an red bump on the edge of the corona above the skin. Around the meatus the bumps seem to be skin coloured and not associated with blood vessels. When flaccid the Glands Penis seems normal with no obvious bumps. If I shine a light on it I can see numerous red splotches where the bumps would be when erect. 
History: I had oral thrush four weeks after the first encounter which was corrected with an anti oral fungal and I also used a genital anti fungal Econazole Mylan. I was also put on Ciprofloxacin 500mg for 10 days because I complained of a pain in my Penis and a persistent sore throat but no fever or headaches. Immediately after the first encounter I had a very bad cold that lasted for one day and was contracted by my co workers. The sore throat was a result of this cold and lasted about four weeks until I took the Ciprofloxacin. I have been tested for STDs including a Swab test of the Urethra, two urine samples and two blood tests. I have been tested for Gonorrhoea, HIV, Hepatitis & Chlamydia. I'm not sure which others were tested, all tests came back negative. 
I can supply photos if it would help. I have done lots research and cannot find anything that looks the same as my symptoms. 

Have you or any of your colleagues come across this?? Please help if you have any info on what this might be. We have both treated for similar things and extensively at that how can this still be a mystery??

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Thank you again! I am sorry if I come across frustrated but I have been dealing with this for three months and it is very draining! I am just looking to find the answer. I had something as simple as clamydia when I was 21 and it some how slipped by tests and many drs until I was given a zpack or dose of azythromicin which worked in 24 hrs. So I know how this works but I have never experienced this and it is very uncomfortable to live with!! Thank you for all your time and help I really appreciate everything. I just wnt to know what it is that i have. Thank u!!
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I took  canesten duo prescription that is an oral diflucan 150mg pill. And clortrimizole 2% cream that I am to apply two to three times a day. I received this on Wednesday and it is now Sunday and I haven't experiences any results. How long should it take for this medicine take I work?? Thank you.
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Should start working within a couple of days.
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Thank u Vance for your response! However it is not working I am tirelessly trying to find the answer to what it is I have.
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really nothing else we can add at this point since it doesn't appear to be std related. continue to follow up with your providers as needed.
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I have taken the Canesten duo. Oral and cream. Not working. Might even be aggravating it more.

Does HPV ever present itself w bumps ONLY ON THE GLANS! AND ONLY WHEN ERECT??

I DO NOT HAVE--- moluscum, herpes, clamydia, gonorea, pearly penile papuls, Fordyce spots, balanitis, lichen planis, or a thrush now that the canesten duo didn't work. Does this help to narrow it down for you?? I know from reading, that there are many other men that have the exact same thing and have been tested for the same things and have been told its the same things and been medicated with the same medication. Only to still ha e this.
So is it......?
Thrush that has not responded to the treatment???
Or is it HPV that is presenting as red bumpy, irritated glans penis, mainly when erect, but also can feel semi-discomfort when flaccid??
Thanks for your time.
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best you can do is to continue to follow up with your provider. as I said, really nothing else we can add at this point for you.
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Ok thank u Grace. However I am in the same boat as many others w/o Heath insurance. And by u saying to follow up w my provider isnt a big help an it also is not answering my question. Is it thrush that is t responding to treatment or have you or any of your colleagues come accross HPV that causes symptoms like this?? I dont understand how it could be that hard to know this! Especially if this is your field of expertise. And if you don't know what it is w the detailed description I have given, then y is it you guys don't seem to care enough to sharpen your own skills and find out?? Your not even saying to follow up w my providers and get back w what I find because you want to start answering people's inquiries with something other then go back to your Dr. Medicine in general is in a sad state of affairs and of half the people that studied it were truly out to help people and not lone their pockets this wouldn't be happening!! You should seriously consider changing the name of this site from medhelp to -go back to your dr-
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we can't diagnose you here . also my  crystal ball is broken to tell you what is going on. nothing replaces being seen by a trained medical practitioner who can see your symptoms and ask the right detailed questions.  Your symptoms could be any number of things going on and guessing repeatedly isn't going to be of much help for you.

It does get expensive when you don't have medical insurance. Heck even if you have medical insurance, all the copays and such add up.  Not easy for any of us when we have medical issues that require frequent follow up :(  
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