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What is this? Chlamydia, urethritis, or herpes?

I've taken doxycycline hyclate and azithromycin for my chlamydia but i believe this has to be something different. When i first went to the doctor i only had a burning sensation when i would urinate. After taking the azithromycin i started experiencing clear discharge from my penis, at least i think it's discharge. The reason why i don't know if it's discharge or incontinence is because it feels as though i'm leaking but i'm not too sure if i really am. The tip would be wet though. It's so annoying. I only experienced true discharge twice, both times a yellow stain would be present on my boxers... I got oral thrush from all the antibiotics. My genitals itch, penis might be leaking/discharging, mild flu like symptoms come and go.. I got a blood work done 10 weeks after exposure.. came back negative for hiv. i don't really want to go back but these symptoms won't go away. What can i do?
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Hi, if your urethra was damaged due to an infection, part of the healing process is the formation of mucus to sooth the inflamed tissues. This could be what your experiencing but a follow up with your doctor would be advised to be certain,
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