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What is this small lesion? STD...yeast fissure..help

By artflows | 7 minutes

Odd lesion I've never experienced previously and my insightful tendencies have me searching online and lead me to several theories...HSV 2, fissure tearing, yeast overload. Please read and comment.
I'm a 36 yo female who is in what I hope is a monogamous relationship. In years past I've battled with yeast infections, UTI, and vaginal dryness during intercourse. Therefore it never really came to much surprise if I was sore thereafter, experienced slight tearing etc. 
However; this time it appears a little different accompanied by a yeast infection. There is a small round fissure near my vaginal opening. It is slightly uncomfortable when I urinate other than that I have no other symptoms that could be connected with herpes. No itching, swelling, tearing or bumps. Just the one small circular lesion no puss, fluid or scabs. 
It's going on a week now. I'm totally concerned. 
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You would have to see a Dr, unable to even guess what it could be
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