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What is this?

Ive had these small bumps on my groin for the past month. Ive not been to the doctor because im embarrassed. If anyone can put my mind at ease that would be great. Dont know if pictures are allowed but http://imgur.com/zxlE2Kl
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we don't look at pictures here. why not is explained in our read before posting post on the forum.

you really need to go and be seen. we'd totally be guessing as to what is going on.  It's already been a month - time to get things checked out!

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Hi and welcome. When it comes to issues in the area, dont be embarrassed to have a doctor check you out. Its always good to have a yearly checkup with your Gyno once a year. If you shave the area it could be razor burn but a doctor would need to determine.
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Well 7 months ago my doctor gave me clotrimazole for an imfection I had in the exact same area. The bumps look the same now just bigger. Could it be the same thing?
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And by bigger I mean 1 to 2 mm
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this sounds more than just a yeast issue. go be seen and get a proper exam.
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