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Hello, I wondering if I could get medical help. To start off, I am a female and I have preformed oral sex to a couple of partners. I made sure that they were clean and there we no abnormalities in the smell or look of them that I could see. About two years ago, I checked my throat to see If there were any abnormalities and the back of my tongue had some sort of soft part with many bumps on them. It felt as if there was some sort of lump in my throat. Because it seemed benign, because it didn't hurt, I let it sit there. I have had a doctor's appointment for a physical and my doctor did not comment on it that year. A year ago, in December, I passed a tonsil stone. I have passed two or three tonsil stones since. However, the  bumpy spot still did not hurt. I now constantly check, and the back of my throat (very back wall of the mouth) has gained bumps. Every time I check a new bump is formed. I also notice small white spots on the bumps and sometimes they are red (only when I have a sore throat). Currently I have a itchy, sore throat and the bumps are there. I was wondering what this could be. HPV, HSV, or is this common? I've "Google researched" and I've narrowed it down to HSV, HPV or tonsillitis. I have had the Gardasil shot and I have preformed oral sex on two boys who were both virgins and sexually inexperienced and neither of them have come across symptoms of an STD. Nevertheless both viruses can lie dormant for a while. I am 17 years old and I am afraid to be judged by my doctor and my father would find out from the doctor. Please Help.
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You will have to see a Dr, we do not look at pictures and even if we did we could not give you anything close to a diagnosis.

STD's from oral sex is not common.
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