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What is time period?

I have been worried about herpes and its been like 2 1/2 weeks since my encounter.  Briefly i did not penetrate but rubbed my penis on both of her holes unprotected for a short time.  Also fingered her and touched my penis.  I have not had any sores or anything as of now just anxiety.  Is there a time period for herpes sores/lesions/bumps to appear?  I know if you don't have sores you can be asymptomatic, but is there a time period where it is safe to say if you have it you are assymptomatic?? Also do you think I am at risk for any other STDs besides herpes/warts from this encounter?? Thanks for your time.  
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If you are going to notice symptoms of a newly acquired herpes infection they will occur within 2-20 days.

Stop worrying so much about this.  
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Do you think this person is a risk?  Why not just ask them??
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Thanks for the reply Grace.  Becka1600 I did get her number and call her... she seemed very slutty in my opinion. She said she was clean and only had 4 partners previous, but who is going to openly admit they have an STD.  Thanks for reply
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Nicknic you might want to be careful in the verbage you use on this forum.  See, many of the individuals that answer these questions, are postive for various STDs and they opt to spend their time helping educate others in these areas to share and exchange knowledge.  Using words like "slutty" and "clean" or "unclean" will not help to encourage information exchange and they will be highly unlikely to even answer your questions.  Actually, I strongly disagree with your statement about people not openly admitting to having an STD.  Besides myself, I know several people that are positive for STDs and to my knowledge they have NEVER not told a potenital partner.  It is your responsibiity to ask your partners directly and I think you will find that very seldom will someone openly lie about such a thing.  If you are going to engage in relations with someone you feel would lie or potentially has an STD, the responsiblity is equal and you should always protect yourself if you are unsure and want to put yourself in that situation.  
Best of luck.
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Buncha pussies over here
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I am extremely sorry for my word usage... I meant no harm and apologize completley. I was oblivious while writing this. What I meant about who would admit it is someone that you do not know.  This is not someone I will see again and figured that she may of been saying that... I was just reluctant to find some1 with her number.   Once again i apologize for my word use.  And thank you again Becka.  I will be more careful with how I respond.  
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Ya can't win in either forum...This stinks...over there they tell ya you gotta wait 3 months to find out if you've got HIV; here you can't use fun (and true words) words.

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Hah! Use 'slut' and 'w.h.o.r.e.' all ya want for all I care. I slept with a slutty w.h.o.r.e. and I'm afraid I have HIV....at least you're not a glory hole operator...
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Your welcome and bet of luck to you.


Seek mental help and this forum isn't going to help you for that.
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