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What possible STD May I have

I am a male in my 30's and am married. I really messed up about 4 months ago. I was given a really rough lap dance were my penis was exposed. During the lap dance the part that connects the foreskin to the penis glans broke and bled a lot. I did not have sex, but there was a lot of skin on skin contact. The bleeding has me worried. My symptoms are constant urination, my penis has become very wrinkled, there are a lot of red dots underneath the penis glans all over the penis head, the red dots get worse and very visible when erect, the pin size dots almost look like they want to break through the penis glans, after an erection the head of the penis gets really dry and like white and then the red dots are like bright pink, the penis gets extremely wrinkled, I have a lot of penis discomfort all the time now and urinate a lot, My foreskin is really soft and not tight and sticks to the head of my penis when i try to retract it, the foreskin gets really hot and suran wraps its self around the head of my penis glans. almost like duct tapes its self to the head of my penis. The foreskin leaves indentions in the head of my penis glans. I have tested negative for clamydia,gonorrihea, syphlis, herpes, hep c and hiv. also negative on urine and blood cultures and UTI. Have been on Cipro antibiotics for 1.5 months and Doxycyline for 1 month. Have tryed Nystatin cream, Clotrimazole, and Metronidazole for 1 week. Still no luck getting rid of these symptoms. on top of everything, now i have yellow tongue and yeast infection on my tongue that the doctor says is because of the antibiotics. Its been 4 months now and I feel like I am still were I was on day 1. I recently had sex with my wife and I am scared to death that I may have givin her something. This may possible be the end of my life. Somebody please give me some advice here

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You did not have a risk for STD's and you do not have a STD. See a Dermatologist.
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