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What specific STDs should I get tested for?

In my life so far I have had about 12 sexual encounters, all in the last 5 years (I am currently 25 years old). 8 of these encounters involved protected vaginal sex with me using a condom. 5 of these encounters involved me doing unprotected cunnilingus on the woman. 1 encounter in 2013 involved me receiving an unprotected blowjob from a woman. No encounter involved unprotected sex of any other kind.

I was stupid about testing because I thought symptoms were necessary to have an STD.
Throughout my entire sexual history I haven't gotten any symptoms associated with any STD, to my knowledge.

After my 11th sexual encounter in August 2017 (protected vaginal, unprotected cunnilingus), I did more research and realized that most STDs are asymptomatic, and got worried. In January 2018, I had blood and urine samples tested. I tested negative for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis, Herpes 1 and 2,  and HPV (although I've heard that the tests for herpes and HPV aren't entirely accurate).

I had my last sexual encounter in April 2018. The encounter involved protected vaginal sex and unprotected cunnilingus.

What tests should I get in this situation? What are the risks?  Particularly, should I get testing for oral chlamydia and gonorrhea? I have never been in a committed relationship, but if there is one in my future, I do not want there to be a chance of me spreading an STD to my partner.
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