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What the hell is this?

Hi, I am a thirty year old male. About a year and a half ago I had a drunken one night stand with a women. I was so drunk I can't remember what we did so I can only assume we had unprotected sex. The next day I had pain in the left side of my perineum, 3 days later I came down with some flu like symptoms followed by itchy genitals with red bumps and rashes on my thighs. I was completely healthy before this encounter and now my health is destroyed. Some of my symptoms over the last 18 months are; sciatic like leg and back pain, itchy legs and genitals, rashes and little red bumps on my thighs, perineum pain, stomach pain, cloudy, concentrated and foamy urine, frequent urination, dry mouth, itchy eyes, tinnitus, groin and armpit pain, and more. I have IGG tested for herpes at 5 months, 9 months and 12 months, all negative. A herpes swab of one of the bumps which was negative. Negative gonorrhea, chlamydia, Hiv, syphilis, Lyme, mono. I have had multiple low WBC count and I have calcified lymphnodes in my groin. I know this is all from this encounter and I'm assuming this is an infection of some type, UTI? Fungal? STD? Doctors have been of no help and did not even want to prescribe me antibiotics because all my tests are negative, I have spent a lot of money on this, Any ideas?
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I think that the stress is what is making you sick. Because you had unprotected sex your mind is running wild. I had the same problem. Have you even been in a situation and you feel perfectly fine and then someone tells about a situation they've been in, then all of a sudden you start thinking. You begin to over think things and then before you know it you are having the same symptoms.
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follow up with the sciatica pain with a neurologist.

follow up with your rashes with a dermatologist when you have them.

most of your other symptoms sound like stress/anxiety related more than anything else.  it sounds like your providers have been doing a good job of testing for the "usual" suspects and not treating you with antibiotics without any positive test results .

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Thanks for the replies. I can see how it all seems anxiety related, with so many different symptoms, and maybe some of it is, but I can tell you after a year and a half, anxiety is not the issue. The pain in my perineum started the very next day and it is still there after all this time, it has faded for weeks here and there but never goes away, It has to be some type of an infection. I was hoping someone had maybe experienced something similar and found an answer, to be honest I am leaning towards some type of a fungal infection but I really don't know. I understand the overuse of antibiotics is not good, but this is getting old and I would like my life back
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Hi chet   here is a post of mine from 2 yrs ago.  they said it was anxiety too....

"I had a brief encounter where I deeply kissed a woman, she performed felatio on me and I performed cunnilingus on her.  My penis touced her outer lips but there was no penetration.  Shortly thereafter, I started experiencing symptoms ie, burning when peeing, soreness of penis.  Went to doc in box and was given anti fungal for poss yeast on exterior of penis, and something else for penis pain.  The pain never went away.  I felt like a truck hit me for next month and have not felt right since.  Symptoms including lower back pain, now pain in my rectal/prostate area, tingling in extremeties, lightheadedness, pain in my groin above my penis but below my navel.  Weird skin conditions that I never had before, such as pimple like bumps and weird rashes.  I also have experienced night sweats at neck and groin.  Joint pain and muscle weakness.  Stiff neck and headaches as well.
I have had all sorts of std testing.  HSV1 was pos.  I had had lesions before on upper lip.  HSV2 were neg through 8 months.  I even had HIV tests at 2.4 and10 months, and an ORAL HPV DNA PCR test (2 times)  all neg.
  I have tried to do research to find out what is going on and all the doctors want to treat me for is anxiety.  Im anxious because they have not tested me any further than the standard CBC, Thyroid, Celiac, Blood sugar tests.
  Now I have pain in my chest and throat that is not psychosematic.  It wakes me up and hurts.  My head hurts when I try to do complicated tasks and I feel as if I am running on 2 cylinders.  
  I have asked the Internist to do some Mycoplasma screening tests as my symptoms (neurological and intestinal) can be attributed to it.  The symptoms appear to be exactly like Chronic Fatigue syndrome.  Im always worn out, no energy at all.
  The woman I spent that brief encounter with told me she had had bowel probs for years, had a very rough pregnancy with her only child and could not conceive again.  That suggests possible PID with a Mycoplasma infection.  She only works weekends, as she suffers from fatigue as well. And I have heard the Mycoplasma infections are the up and coming STD that has surpassed gonorhea
  PLEASE, any info or which way to test to see what the hell is going on here.  I WANT MY LIFE BACK!! "
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Sound familiar?    Grace?   Hello.  His symptoms are exactly like mine, and several others.  There is something going on and we are not being told what it is.
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please don't hijack the op's post - thanks!  

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