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What to treat my partner with.

I posted earlier about NGU symptoms and what to take for it. After trying Doxy, Azithromycin, and Flagyl, the only antibiotic that finally worked was Avelox. The question now is what I should treat my partner with. I know from my experience that my NGU was passed sexually, and she needs to get treated before we can have sex again. The problem, is that she said she is allergic to Avelox. Another problem, is that since it is NGU, we cannot test to confirm if the bacteria is cured, and she is also asymptomatic. We are going to see a doctor about this, but I would like a second opinion. What antibiotic would you recommend for her? This seems like a complicated situation.

This discussion is related to Discharge, drip and Urethritis, but no STD.
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We don't give medication advice here. If it is NGU from mouth bacteria then she does not need treatment.
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hey Vance.

Thread necro here but are you still around?  Did you manage to get to the bottom of this?

When you say Avelox worked for you.. what were your symptoms.  I have a very very slight dripping (just a little wet, no stain or discharge) and slight urinary urgency.

Im considering taking avelox but i dont want to if I dont have to take a lot of antibiotics.
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If you have a question please start your own thread
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