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So three weeks ago I had protected sex with a questionable women. I experience tingling/burning through out my groin area the following week for three or four days. It moved from scrotum to gooch to anus over the course of this time. About 2 weeks later a rash appeared where my inner thigh meets my gooch/groin area. I saw my doctor and she prescribed a fungal cream, the Rash disappeared but two cut/ look like stretch marks remain. About three weeks later I noticed a red bump on my shaft randomly, and the area where the rash was is beginning to peel again. The red bump doesn't hurt and showed up out of no where. I also noticed some discoloration moving up my shaft. Not really red but I can't really tell what it is. Also am experience cold symptoms. Stuffy nose/cough. All these symptoms appeared over the course of three weeks. I am going back to my doctor tomorrow but does this sound like any std?  
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No it does not seem feasible this is anything but a fungal infection and some naturally occurring bumps etc.
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