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What's my risk of sti or std

Hello doctors, on Dec. 3rd I had protected sex with a prositute. I noticed when in first entered the trash can had a condom wrapper in it, so I assume she practiced safe sex regularly. We had no contact whatsoever except protected vaginal sex and a hand rub in the beginning. This encounter lasted 10 minutes starting with massage and then protected sex her on top of me then me on top of her. A few days later I noticed 5-7 tiny white bumps spread out over the area of about a nickel they do not hurt or have any symptom of anything. What are my risks of sti / std and are the bumps likely harmless? I forgot to mention the condom was 100% intact as at the end the tip caught all of my semen she removed the condom with a tissue being careful not to touch it. I have already posted in the herpes forum, I just wanted a doctors opinion on the possibility of the bumps being caused by where the condom may have not covered the shaft completely, and wether I should be tested . Also the bumps have not changed at all , I'm not even certain they weren't there in the first place but because I'm worried I am telling all

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Your not at any risk for gono or chlamydia as the condom covered your penis. only herpes and syphilis would be an issue and youve alrady been answered about this in the herpes forum.
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