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What’s the chances I’ve got something here? Extremely worried

Ok so I made a really dumb mistake about 15-20 days ago. I got drunk and got a unprotected blowjob from a prositute. She finished me off and I ejaculated into her mouth and she then spit it out. Since then I have been having fairly significant pain in my abdomen and sometimes I notice a slight discomfort in my testicles. Problem for me is it’s hard to tell with my testicles or penis in general as I masturbate quite frequently and possible just made them tender. My concern is my adominal pains /slight testicle pain and the tip of my penis I just noticed felt a touch raw on my boxers but that could be from masturbating as well. I don’t have any discharge as far as I know. I’m not really sure how to tell on that. Like if it just randomly leaks out or if it’s like a discharge of gross fluid right before urinating or ejaculating kinda thing. Sorry. Never had any std before and I am very worried that I might have contracted something and brought it home. As I said early. I screwed up and now I’m trying to figure it out so I can fix it hopefully. Thanks to anyone that answers me
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Hi symptoms of std,s from oral sex would be a white puss penis discharge and burning while urinating or penis blisters that would appear a week or 2 later. Not abdomen pain
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