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Whats wrong with me?

Hello community. I recently posted on the herpes forum because I was stressed about a misdiagnosis of hsv 2 (found out I recieved a false positive and lived my life for 3 months sad because I thought I truely was infected) now I know hsv is about common as a cold though from reasearch.

Let me explain my exposure first. I recieved felatio from a girl I had just met (yes foolish I know). This exposure was July 27th, 2016. Symptoms began late August early September.

Ticklish bump first appeared on left side of meatus that was tickled as I walked.

Began to have uti symptoms where I had to urinate like mad and couldn't be fully relieved.

Pimple on head of penis that dissapeared in a few hours

Anus felt like it swole up and went back to normal within the same day.

Pinching at the tip of my penis irregularly.

Under meatus seems dark with cracked skin. Doctor told me it looks normal.

A bit of ejaculation during a bowel movement.

Once masterbated and ejaculate was greenish yellow. Two Other times burned slightly at the tip. And another two times semen just leaked out due to me fearing pain with climax.

Laid on my stomach and penis began burning beneath glans. Went to urinate and it burned slightly.

As I walked out of class one day my anus felt a sharp stab for a few seconds that doubled me over. Prior above the anus where the crack begins was itchy not throughout the entire day but at certain intervals. I took a sapository i had been perscribed years ago foolishly and now it feels like something is inside my anus like a minor rash as I walk but its been off and on as well.

Other times I urinated I felt a pinch then hesitated and continued unhindered.
Had trouble starting the urine flow every morning for a bit over a month.

Severe Stomach pain ome night in mid abdomen subsided either that night or the next morning. Back pain once that subsided in a few hours not severe.

I have been tested for everything hsv 2 was false positive months ago and now negative while hsv 1 was negative then but low positive 1.8 igg now.

I have never hadd un protected sex and my last penis to vaginal intercourse over 2 years ago. My other forum told me it's not hsv symptoms and yes I know g hsv 1 can happen but these symptoms seem atypical in every sense from symptom onset to the symptoms themselves.

1.Is it possible that the hsv 1 test was false positive as well?

2. What do my symptoms sound like? An NGU?

3. I came across a forum of a guy that was diagnosed with hsv 1 and said his penis glans were a constant irritant as well. Could this be hsv 1 constantly irritating out penises for months with no 100% feeling of normalcy?

I took a urine test and Im awaiting the resilts in a week due to my doctor taking a vacation.

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This morning I dabbed around the meatus with rubbing achohol. It didn't burn but I noticed a tiny amount of clear sticky discharge leak out. Also my anus has felt swollen as I walk for a few days but when I lay or sit down I feel fine back there.
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Hi i think we all ready discussed this in the herpes group and now what your describing is not a symptom of any std.
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Hello again. I just wanna know whats wrong cause whatever it is its extremely annoying. My doctor says its normal and im seeing posts of guys witb the same meatus problem but no solutions. I'm frustrated with this situation.
If you ever check this please get ahold of me. On this page.
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