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White smegma reappears even after washing

Hi, I had sex with one of my friend(without condom). And suddenly white thing appears under the foreskin (i read it as Smegma) which has fishy smell and kind of Itchy. I applied a fungus removal cream which is used for yeast infection and the itching is gone. However this smegma appears every two days even after I clean by foreskin nicely. The itching is gone now.

I dont have any bumps or pimples. But I want to be sure? Is it any HPV or Penile cancer? Sometimes the color of my penis changes from black to little white if i try to mastubate? (I usually mastubate atleast 4 to 5 times in a week), not sure if it is due to over mastubation or due to sex which I had
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Hpv and cancer do not present
symptoms like that.
I believe that the only way to get rid of smegma is through cleaning and hygeine.
However, it might not be smegma, could be a discharge.
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thanks....it is coming under the foreskin? so is it STD? should I get tested?
will chalamydia get discharge under the foreskin? (i am not getting it on the tip of the penis), please help!!
I am no expert in std s .but i gone through this .so i d say meet a venerologist .over the internet none cant explain symptoms.
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If it is not from the tip, it should not be a discharge.
My advice:
1) maintain cleanliness
2) your semgma should not be a problem, unless it is a lot.
3) if it is a lot, go see a doctor
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