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White spots on vagina opening

Hi I have a white spot on the opening of my vagina at the bottom . The spot is not a ulcer , sore or blister . It does not hurt or burn . I am able to urinate and wash down there with soap just fine . What might it be ? The spot is itty bitty about half of the size of a rice grain !
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Im no doctor but your symptoms sounds like.

Fordyce spots

Fordyce spots, or sebaceous glands, are small white or yellow-white bumps inside your vulva. These spots are also found on the lips and cheeks. They normally first appear during puberty, and you tend to get more of them as you age. Fordyce spots are painless and not harmful

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Are herpes always some kind of ulcer or open sore when located in the vagina area ?
Yes, they are.

I agree that this could be a fordyce spot. If you are concerned, get it checked by a doctor. A doctor will also answer all your questions about what's normal, what isn't.
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Agree with the above-these are all
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