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Will I get STDs or HIV?

First off I would like to say that I am of 15 years of age [please reply maturely]]  I'm not sure if this plays a factor in any of what I'm saying

I had sex for the first time with a prostitute 3 weeks ago, we had protected anal sex ,I remember her giving me oral which was also protected , I also gave her an oral by licking her vagina which was UNPROTECTED. I also remember fingering her. [I'm not sure about her medical history].
I also recall , that she was spitting out something when she was giving me an oral. I'm not sure if the condom broke and she spit out my semen or something...
[Note:Both Oral and Fingering was before vaginal], after the vaginal I believe the semen was still inside the condom but I didn't pay close attention if it broke or anything... she pulled it out from my penis and she gave me a towel.
I also might have swallowed her vaginal fluids I believe the duration of me licking and swallowing was around 1-3 minutes
after vaginal I left her place...
What really scares me is that I'm not sure if the Condom broke...
Even if it didn't... I'm also scared that I might her HIV from her vaginal fluids which I swallowed when giving her an Oral. I remember reading an article that when the mucous membrane comes into contact with vaginal fluids chances are that I can get infected...
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If condom doesn't broke then unlikely you have any chances of stds. You don't get stds and HIV from giving oral to women.
Just to add on that she also sucked and gave a soft bite on my nipples. Any risks?
I believe she put the condom on me when we were in the shower, does it affect the quality of the condom when it's soaked from the shower?
if I rubbed on my penis a bit after taking off the condom is there any risks?
And just to make sure if I wore the condom is it 100% preventive against HIV?
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Hi, you would know if the condom broke as it would have been pulled all the way back to your penis shaft and you would have had to roll it off so im sure you would have known,
In the world of oral sex the big risk is giving a penis oral not giving a woman oral and swallowing vaginal fluids is no risk for any std including HIV.
With the post regarding my latest topic.
I wanted to know if Condoms can prevent against HIV 100% in vaginal?
*Would also like to add-on that when I gave the oral the tongue went in,still any risks for it?
On 17th of January I'm having a sore throat could it be due to the oral I gave to the female prostitute? I also felt that there's a lump above my Adam's Apple that hurts even when I don't touch it. It's directly above the Adam's Apple so I'm not sure if there's any Lymph Nodes involved.
What are Lymph Nodes and how are they supposed to feel like?
I would like to hear your take on this please let me know.
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