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Will i get STD(Warts or any others) From Dogs ?

Hi. i have a question.. and i hope you guys can answer it.
i have 3 dogs and sometimes when i'm feeling horny, i'll just take off my pants and my dogs will lick my penis >.<
i usually allow the 2 dogs to lick until i ejaculate..
And recently, i noticed some skin colored bumps appear on the skin of my penis.. i am not circumcised.. so thats the skin covering the head.. yea i'm just wondering if it could be any for of STD be it Warts or herpes... i'm very worried...
i'm ashamed and i regret doing it.
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Diseases are generally species-specific. You won't get warts, herpes, or anything else like that from Fido, but keep in mind that dogs lick all kinds of stuff in their wanderings, including the buttholes of other dogs. Their tongues are also extremely coarse, which means it works great when they lick their wounds, for example.  They will remove dead skin or anything else found around the wound - with their tongues.  

I would not think the licking would generally be a problem. Keep vaccines on your pets current and make sure they have no internal or external parasitic problems. Other than that, I would imagine you are fine. The only thing that popped into my mind around this issue is a possible urinary tract infection from some errant bacteria from Rover's tongue entering your urethral opening. But other than that, I can't see that it would be a problem.
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I have the same problem. I have similar symptoms to an STD but I&#39;ve never had sex. I did the same thing ONCE. My symptoms include burning and the tip of the penis and I have to urge to urinate a lot. Do I have an STD? Can dogs give you STDS?
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Boulder sounds like you have a UTI which could be from normal saliva bacteria from the dogs mouth
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So did you ever find out what it was the bump on your penis. I'm starting to have the same symptoms. Red bumps on my penis that itch!???
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