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Hi. I am a 19 year old sexually active female who has been with her male partner for over a year on and off. I have been on birth control for like 10 months now. During one of the off moments which was June 2013, I had sex with two other guys (without condoms) one time with each of the guys. But before this june and after I have only had sex with my boyfriend. The last time I had sex was last thursday the 21st of November. So on Sunday (the 23rd) afternoon i shaved my Vagina. Then I masturbated twice after my shower. All was fine. Then that night in the middle of the night I woke up with a pain on my Labia Major. I put my hand down there and felt a pea sized bump on my left side of my Labia Major. It did not itch really nor did it burn. So i went back to bed then woke up in the morning(yesterday the 24) and it was still there. Then yesterday (the 24th) in the afternoon I took a mirror and looked down. I saw the bump and it itched a little bit and i scratched it. Then i put some neosporin on it and went to work. I came back from work and it was night time and it hurt down there a bit. So i took a hot compress and held it to the bump on my labia major. The bump went down a bit and i saw a couple other smaller red bumps so i took some Hydrogen Peroxide and swabbed it entirely over my left side of my vagina lip. it burned a little bit and i took the mirror and looked and to the left side of the lump closer to my opening of my vagina it was a white line and i freaked out. i went to bed and cried because i was scared. then i woke up this morning (the 25th)and the bumps went down a bit and then i saw that where the white line was it was red and bleeding cut kind of trying to scab over. It is still here today. the cut is still red and dried blood and and hurts when it has pressure on it or i cross my legs. I have no pain anywhere else and i don't feel sick or anything. my discharge is all normal. i have a bit of tingles in my clit when i rub it almost like pee sensation but thats all. someone help!!!!
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Skin issues can be many things often not a STD but you would have to see a Dr for an exam.
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