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Worried Sick...Do I need further testing?

I am a married man of 20 years and had a drunken lapse in Las Vegas with a prostitute. The incidence involved protected intercourse with a prostitute and I have been worried sick since. I realize that this is normally almost zero risk and my symptoms (sore throat after 1 week for 2-1/2 weeks, night sweats, headaches, tingling at the tip of my penis, etc...) are probably largely produced by axiety; but, I I have HSV and don't really see much in the forums except to indicates that HSV increases the risk of catching another STD. I tested for the following at 4 weeks:
Hepatitis B - 3 panel
Hepatitis C

All were negative.

I have read that the window period for Hepatitis is 4-10 weeks, but I cannot find anything that clarifies what exactly that means about the dependability of a test at 4 weeks. Should I retest? If so, how many weeks should I wait to have a good accurate result? Also, Is there anything else that I should test for based on this exposure.

I'm having a heck of a time keeping my distance from my wife but don't want to take any chances. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated!
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You do not need further testing with condom protected sex.  You actually didn't really need to test in the first place.  Trust your results.  Odds are your wife already suspects something is up if you have been avoiding her.  So, you should either confess or trust your results before she starts assuming things.
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